What does an architect do?

We are problem solvers of space, light, sound, color, and texture. We create both actual space and the illusion of space where it is needed from the various puzzle pieces of life. The pieces are people, children, views to a lake, cooking, bathing, sleeping, books, clothes and shoes. Architects create space for people to live the life they dream of...and sometimes what they never knew they dreamed of.

What can studio 134 do for me?

Not too often in life do people ask for your problems. Not too often in life when someone asks about those problems do they have the ability to solve them. Architects do. I thrive by listening to your families' struggles, triumphs, and life story. By listening I am able to discover solutions that create a thriving, welcoming home for your life. 

How do we get started?

Give me a call or email! I am happy to visit with you and answer any questions you have.