Entry Porch exploration for a new Cabin

Entry Porch exploration for a new Cabin

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3d Modeling from the Start

I utilize the modeling program ARCHICAD by Graphisoft. This Building Informational Modeling program (or BIM for short) allows me to model your home and site from day one. If you are remodeling, I use the program to model the necessary existing conditions to begin exploring possible solutions. After the necessary spaces are modeled, I can start removing, relocating, and adding walls, doors, windows, and cabinetry to craft a graceful solution. Have the perfect lot for a new home or cabin? The exploration process just gets to start that much sooner! Regardless of remodeling or new construction, this BIM program provides everything we need to see your project from inception through to completion.

Over the past few years this program has turned the traditional meeting upside down. We used to sit and hunch over paper drawings that typically only myself actually actually undestood. Now we explore the model together in real time. Would you like to see how much space a 30" range vs. at 48" range appears? Do those windows not look quite right? Shall we make them taller, or wider, or three instead of two. This program allows me to work with you directly to explore various options.

Even better, you have access to your model to explore at any time in the exclusive ARCHICAD app BIM-x available for free on your smartphone or tablet.